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There's no limit to what can be animated—you're not tied down to the laws of physics or what you're able to put in front of a lens. For me, it's the perfect medium to surprise and delight viewers. Animation allows me to seamlessly show a topic from different viewpoints, making it far easier for an audience to explore new concepts. Some of my animation projects are standalone videos, others are designed to be incorporated into websites or other media.
Here's a little taste of what animation can do for you!

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Software Containers explainer

Explain complex topics using visual metaphors

Goodnature instructional videos

Provide clarity by showing only what needs to be shown

Freedom of Information animation

Internationalize imagery, not just text

Āhau visual documentation

Deliver flexible, lightweight web animations written in code

Corporate ServerAnimation showing a giant corporate datacenter in the USA, then zooming in to a single serverimage/svg+xmlSam Muirhead

Datenschule Intro Video

Show your organisation's personality!

Prototype Fund Motion Graphics

Bring branding and information to life

Opencare theme animations

Show the human side of big concepts

POC21 Documentary animations

Add context and explanations to video

Between Us animated sketches

Illustrate intangible or abstract themes